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Olibanum Oil - AOS 50

It helps to enhance heart health, liver health, or soothe pain and inflammation. Know More!

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  • Product Name : Olibanum Oil
  • Product Weight : 30 ML
  • Product Price : 197
  • Product Availibility : 500 Items in Stock

Olibanum oil is also known as frankincense oil. It is the king of essential oils. Its botanical name is Boswellia Carteri, it is Obtained from the gum or resin from frankincense or olibanum trees. Buy Olibanum oil as per food, cosmetic and pharma grade directly from Reliable Manufacturer and Exporter from India. We offer best quality near you by our online website. We have highest Credit Ranking of A++ by Dun & Bradstreet. Our Olibanum Oil is 100% Pure and Safe. We are proving 100% Secure Payment Gateway Method. So do not hesitate during Cart and Buy. Visit today, Login and Buy Now

Available Sizes :
30 ML ₹ 197
60 ML ₹ 289
100 ML ₹ 413
200 ML ₹ 721
500 ML ₹ 1645
1000 ML ₹ 2895
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About Olibanum Oil

Know all About Olibanum Oil and Buy Online:

It makes it a popular element of many herbalists for various aromatherapy combinations. The main component of the oil is Actanol, Alpha Pinene, Bornyl Acetate, Octyl Acetate, Linalool, Incensole, and Incensyl Acetate. Frankincense is a famous ingredient in cosmetics. It has even been found in the remains of ancient Egyptian and is closely related to Christian tradition. 

Olibanum Oil Properties:

This oil has therapeutic properties. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-neurotic, astringent ( know more oil for Astringent ), antiseptic and anti-cancerous properties. Frankincense oil is also used for arthritis. It has a miraculous effect. It gives relieves pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism. It helps heal infected wounds, boils, acne, insomnia, circulatory problems, and various types of inflammation.

Uses & Health Benefits of Olibanum Oil:

  1. Due to the presence of terpenes and boswellic acids, Olibanum oil is used as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. It is used to treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  2. This oil has an antimicrobial property, due to the presence of alpha-pinene. it can kill bacteria and other microbes that can cause infection or illness.
  3. AOS Olibanum oil may prevent the production of leukotrienes, which cause your bronchial muscles to constrict in asthma.
  4. Olibanum oil is used to treat symptoms of Crohns and ulcerative colitis by reducing inflammation in your gut.
  5. Olibanum oil is also used as a blood cleanser due to its anti-microbial property.
  6. Due to the presence of Actonel in olibanum oil, it is used to treat osteoporosis caused due to menopause and Paget disease.
  7. Olibanum oil helps in treating cancer. It prevents and slows down the growth of cancer cells. It also helps in the treatment of inflammation and pain caused by cancer radiation therapy. It is used to treat breast, prostate, pancreatic, skin, and colon cancer.
  8. It may promote liver health (know more oil for liver health), heart health, or soothe pain and inflammation.
  9. Olibanum is used to treat hepatitis and liver fibrosis as an anti-inflammatory.
  10. This oil is used to heal the wound and helps to clear the scar of wound or scar after post-surgery.It is amazing for reducing stretch marks, surgery scars, or marks related to pregnancy, and for treating dry or cracked skin.

Side effects of olibanum oil

  • Olibanum oil is safe if used correctly.
  • We should not swallow essential oils. It can be dangerous. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any supplements of essential oil.
  • If you face any side effects like nausea, diarrhea, or acid reflux then discontinue the use of oil.
  • If we want to use the oil topically do a first Patch test with the diluted olibanum oil. This test is done to avoid side effects and to make sure you are not allergic.
  • Do not use this oil in pregnancy, frankincense may increase the risk of miscarriage in pregnancy, so pregnant women should avoid it.

Customer's Reviews

Komal Krishna
20 Jul, 2020 Olibanum oil has the properties of ferulic acids that is very important for reducing stretch marks. in this phase we need some gram as 50 gms for my stretch marks. Ok i am buying it from your portal. How long it take to delivered us


Rashmi khurana
21 Jun, 2022 It helps in my stretch marks and other marks too plz send 80 gms more.

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