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Myrtle Oil - AOS 29

Helps to Prevent Cramps and Aches. Know More!

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  • Product Name : Myrtle Oil
  • Product Weight : 30 ML
  • Product Price : 250
  • Product Availibility : 500 Items in Stock

Myrtus commonly known as myrtle belongs to the genus of flowering plants; the plant is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 16ft and contains fragrant essential oil. One is Myrtus communis also called a common myrtle and another is Myrtus Nivelli also called Saharan myrtle. Buy Myrtle Oil Online as per Food, Cosmetic, and Pharma Grade directly from Premium Manufacturers in India. We have highest Credit Ranking of A++ by Dun & Bradstreet. Our oil is 100% Pure and Safe. We are proving the 100% Secure Payment Gateway Method. So do not hesitate during Cart and Buy. Visit today, Sign-Up, and Buy Now.

Available Sizes :
30 ML ₹ 250
50 ML ₹ 395
100 ML ₹ 589
200 ML ₹ 1073
500 ML ₹ 2525
1000 ML ₹ 4495
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About Myrtle Oil


Myrtus commonly known as myrtle belongs to genus flowering plant; the plant is an evergreen shrub which grows up to 16ft and contains fragrant essential oil. It has star-like flowers which are pollinated by insects. Fruit is a round berry containing several seeds. It has 2 known species one is Myrtus Communis also called a common myrtle and another is Myrtus Nivelli also called a Saharan myrtle. Since we are largest manufacturer of Myrtle oil in the world so we have the capability to provide AOS Myrtle oil worldwide. So, if you have any plans to buy our oil then visit our website and buy online directly with us.


Myrtle oil is obtained from flowers, leaves, and stem of myrtle plant (Myrtus Communis) by process of steam distillation.‚ 


Myrtle oil aroma is elevating the oil is a pale yellow to orange liquid with a clear fresh camphoraceous sweet herbal scent.


Its main constituents are Myrtenal, myrtenal acetate, limonene linalool, pinene, cineol, p-cymene, geranial, neral phenylpropanoid, methyl eugenol.


It blends well with a lot of essential oils such as neroli, ylang-ylang oil, frankincense oil, black pepper oil, cedar oil citronella oil and many others.


  1. It acts as antiseptic, astringent, deodorant, expectorant, & sedative.
  2. Myrtle oil is used in mouthwash as it contracts gums & strengthens teeth.
  3. If ingested it strengthens intestinal tracts.
  4. It contracts & tightens the skin & diminishes wrinkles.
  5. The oil is used as a deodorant in incense sticks & burners and can be used as a body deodorant or perfume.
  6. It is antimicrobial and act against sepsis & tetanus.
  7. It also clears congestion & provides relief in cough.
  8. the oil is beneficial to maintain stability of nerves.
  9. It helps in relieving tension, stress, anger & depression.
  10. It also works very well to alleviate problems like impotency & loss of libido etc
  11. It helps in cure infections in stomach & intestines.
  12. Myrtle essential oil is used against acne & pimples etc.


It is non-toxic and can be used safely for children and elderly.

Eye Contact:

If oil comes in contact with the eye, wash the eye with plenty of water for 15 minutes, and remove contact lances. If serious condition then calls a doctor immediately it may be dangerous.

Skin Contact:

Remove contaminated clothes and footwear if oil comes in contact with skin, wash thoroughly with fresh water at least 15 minutes. Contact a doctor immediately if irritations persist.


If myrtle oil is inhaled. Take the person to a well-ventilated area.


It should be stored in well-packed container in well ventilated & cool dry place.

Customer's Reviews

Rakesh Manjhi
13 Oct, 2020 I'm very pleased. Good quality and 100 % pure natural oil. Thanks Aos


Anuj Kumar
03 Jan, 2021 Nice product, I used this product for skin warts. Really it works.

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