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All About Capsaicin Crystals
19 Feb, 2024

What is Capsaicin Crystals? Know Benefits, How to Make and More

Capsaicin and a number of similar alkaloids, collectively known as capsaicinoids, are produced by chili peppers as secondary metabolites, likely acting as inhibitors against specific animals and fungi. Pure capsaicin is a solid substance that is hydrophobic, colorless, extremely pungent, and crystalline to waxy.

Do You Know About 16 Million Scoville Capsaicin Crystals?

Pure 16 Million (SHU) Capsaicin Crystals are virtually odorless and tasteless, making them perfect for imparting mild to extremely hot heat to any food, hot sauce, salsa, barbecue sauce, or even when baking.

How to Make Capsaicin Crystals?

We AOS Products Private Limited is one of the Biggest Manufacturer of Capsaicin Crystals USP Grade in India. And we apply the best industrial process to obtain it in its purest form. To, know our manufacturing process, Visit our corporate video.

Know Extraction Process: It only requires blending the chilies until they are reduced to a pulp and adding 1 litre of solvent for every kilogram of chilies. Allow two to three days for rest. Now use a sieve or a pair of women's pantyhose to sift the mash to remove the liquid.

Identify the Purity of the Crystals: The Scoville Organoleptic Test involves combining an alcohol extract of capsaicin oil from a dried pepper with a water-and-sugar solution until a panel of tasters can hardly feel the pepper's heat.

Benefits of Capsaicin Crystals, and How to Use?

Heart Wellness: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, capsaicin works well as a supplement to support heart health. For instance, a three-month study indicated that capsaicin dramatically lowered heart disease risk factors in persons with low HDL cholesterol levels.

Loss of weight: According to studies, capsaicin can speed up your metabolism, which in turn speeds up how quickly you burn fat stores and expend energy. Additionally, it may help you eat less than you typically would by decreasing your appetite.

Relieving pain: The active component in many painkillers is capsaicin. For some more specialized therapeutic purposes, it can be applied as a patch or cream, for instance. At the doctor's office, capsaicin patches are placed to treat ailments like post-herpetic neuralgia and others.

How to Use?

Post herpetic neuralgia is now treated with capsaicin used topically. This drug is also used directly on the skin to treat psoriasis, diabetic neuropathy, and arthritis pain.

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Capsaicin Crystals uses in Pharma, Food and Cosmetic Industries:

We AOS products manufacture 100% Natural Capsaicin crystals USP Grade and supply to the most demanded industries for Food and Pharmaceutical Industries.

In Pharma Industry:

Neuralgia is a particular kind of pain that is treated with capsaicin (shooting or burning pain in the nerves). Additionally, capsaicin is employed to lessen small rheumatoid arthritis pain as well as muscle sprains and strains.

In Food Industry:

Capsaicin has been widely utilized in food compositions as a flavoring and preservation agent, as well as an active ingredient in packaging film and functional foods.

In Cosmetics Industry:

Menthol crystals are classified as analgesics and antipruritic in pharmaceutical products due to their therapeutic qualities. Menthol crystals can be found in salves, lip balms, medicated creams, sore throat sprays and lozenges, decongestants, liniments, compresses, cooling gels, and medicated oils.

Side Effects Capsaicin Crystals:

Your skin might become irritated by creams and patches, which can result in issues like:

1. Redness and enlargement

2. Soreness

3. Pain

4. Dryness

5. Itching and burning

➥ When it's hot and humid outside, you take a warm bath, and you perspire, this can occasionally get worse. It normally only lasts a few days, although it might last for two to four weeks.

➥ Use sunscreen every time you go outside because capsaicin can also make your skin more sensitive to the sun and heat.

➥ It can lead to an allergic reaction in certain people, just like any medicine. If you experience chest tightness, hives, swelling in your throat, itching, or difficulties breathing, call your doctor right away.

➥ Infrequent adverse effects of the patch, such as a change in blood pressure and a slow or fast heart rate, might also negatively impact your heart. If you have a history of high blood pressure, heart or blood vessel issues, or both, tell your doctor.

Know About Capsaicin Crystals USP Manufacturer AOS Products

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