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All About Turpentine Oil
17 Jul, 2024

What is Turpentine Oil?, Know Benefits and How to Make

Turpentine oil is used as a medicine that is made from the wax of pine trees. You can apply this oil for joint pain nerve pain, muscle pa, in, and toothaches. To reduce chest congestion or other lungs problem sometimes people inhale the vapors of turpentine oil. For flavoring the food and beverages this oil is used.

How to make Turpentine Oil?

This oil is made from the certain resin of pine trees. Turpentine oil is added in Vicks Vapo Rub. When it is added to these products, it is used in very small amounts as a fragrance, and AOS product Private Limited is one of the Reputed companies that made this oil.

How to Check Purity of Turpentine Oil?

Physical aspect and smell are important. Turpentine is a white liquid with a soft smell. The color of unrefined turpentine oil is yellow to brown and alkali turpentine is a very foul smell.

Benefits of Turpentine Oil and How to Use?

Turpentine oil used in skin for muscles pain, nerve pain, joint pain and tooth pain. Sometimes people inhale the vapors of this oil to reduce lung diseases and chest congestion. In flavoring foods and beverages, turpentine oil is used.


• Muscle, Joint, and Nerve pain when applied to the skin may cause warmth.

• Lung problems, when breathed may help to reduce congestion.

• Toothaches, when applied to the skin.

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Turpentine Oil uses in Pharma, Food and Cosmetic Industries

In Pharma Industries

Turpentine oil made by AOS Products can used for Pharma grade direct to making medicines for toothaches, joint pain, muscle pain and various types of nerve pain, and so on. Many publics are facing breathing issues, so pharmaceutical companies use it to make medicine that reduce the chest congestion.

In Cosmetics industries:

For manufacturing of soap and cosmetics products, the oil of turpentine also used as solvent. Nowadays, this incredible oil is also used as a flavor to the several cosmetic products like that in cleaning agents, perfume, or preserving of food products.

In Food industries:

Foods and beverages industries also demand natural turpentine oil for using it as a flavoring ingredient.

Side Effects of Turpentine Oil:

When applied to the skin: It is safe when small amounts of turpentine oil are applied to the skin. But it may cause skin irritation when large amounts of turpentine oil uses.

When taken by mouth: It is unsafe to take turpentine direct to the mouth. It is causes serious side effects like: headache, sleeplessness, coughing, bleeding, kidney damage, coma and vomiting.

When inhaled: There is not much information that inhaling turpentine is safe or not. Inhaling turpentine oil can cause annoyance to the lungs and throat.

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