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All About Mango Butter
27 Oct, 2023

What is mango Butter? Learn Numerous Benefits, How to Make and More

Mango butter is exactly what its name implies: a fat made from mango seeds. Mango kernel butter is another name for it. When kept at cool temperatures, it normally takes on a semi-solid form, but when it comes in contact with the skin, it typically melts.

It has exceptional moisturizing qualities that help to hydrate and maintain the health of your skin.

How to Make Mango Butter?

We AOS products Private Limited is one of the biggest Manufacturer of 100% Pure and Natural Herbal Butters in India. So, we always use top manufacturing process to obtained highest quality Mango butter. This natural butter is usually extracted by expeller pressing or cold pressing de-shelled mango fruit seeds. The complete process become in 3 steps:

1- Fresh and clean mango seeds are place inside a Hydraulic Pressure Machine.

2- These seeds undergo at high pressure and due to high friction, we obtain the oil of mango seeds

3- Which seeps with the help of small opening barrel.

Benefits of mango Butter and How to Use?

➠ Antioxidant-rich mango butter softens the skin and acts as an emollient. As a result, it's a fantastic ingredient for the skin.

➠ Removes Dry and Itchy Skin: Mango butter works well to stop the swelling and irritation brought on by dry skin. It is a top-notch triglyceride source (a form of glycerin).

➠ These are fatty acids that soften the skin and keep it from feeling dry and irritated by acting as emollients. Additionally, it contains Vitamin C, which has numerous advantages for your skin.

➠ Defends Against UV Rays: When mango butter comes into contact with oxygen, salicylic acid is created. A particular protein in the skin called keratin is softened by salicylic acid, a great exfoliator. This aids in removing the top layer of skin, which has grown dry, scaly, and irritating.

➠ Additionally, it is frequently employed to treat the signs of psoriasis, eczema, and other dry skin problems.

➠ Stops the emergence of wrinkles: Mango butter made by AOS Products includes antioxidants like vitamin C that help your skin fight free radicals, according to some research.

➠ The chemicals known as free radicals wreck have on the body. They cause tissue and DNA damage, which aggravates wrinkles and other skin conditions. This stops wrinkles from forming on your skin. Additionally, it helps to produce collagen, a protein that is naturally found in your skin and keeps wrinkles at bay.

How to Use?

Mango butter has a wide variety of applications, from cosmetic to therapeutic. It comes in a variety of forms, such as lotions, creams, gels, ointments or salves, soaps, lip balms, lipsticks, massage oils, creams, and balms, as well as shampoos, conditioners, hot-oil treatments, and other hair care products.

How to Check Purity of Mango Butter?

➥ Deshelled mango fruit seeds are typically expeller-pressed or cold-pressed to obtain mango butter. The hydraulic press machine is used to press the oil-containing mango seeds under high pressure and friction, releasing the oils via tiny holes at the bottom of the pressing barrel.

➥ If you are looking for Mango butter Ultra Refined, We suggest to you that buy directly from Manufacturers like “AOS Products Private Limited”.

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Mango Butter uses in Pharma, Food and Cosmetic Industries:

We AOS Products Manufacture a wide range of Natural Herbal butter and supply to 3 emerging Sectors like Food, Pharma, and cosmetics. Lets us know one by one, that how this butter used by these industries:

In Pharma Industry:

Mango butter has many uses, including treating dry skin and rashes, blemishes and wrinkles, itching and sunburn relief, repairing wounds and cracks, providing relief from bug bites, and treating eczema and dermatitis.

In Cosmetics Industry:

Mango butter is therefore a great ingredient in face care and cosmetics for dry skin. Linoleic acid has anti-inflammatory effects, and mango kernel oil has a high tolerance, so you may use it effectively even on extremely sensitive skin that is prone to allergies and redness.

Side Effects of Mango Butter:

Mango oil is typically regarded as secure. However, it can have negative side effects, much like all-natural substances:

Allergic responses:

If you have a any types of natural butters allergy, stay away from mango oil. May be that you will face some of them allergic reactions like:

  • hives
  • swelling of eyes, lips, tongue, or face
  • difficulty breathing
  • skin irritation
  • wheezing
  • sneezing

Similar to other plants and fruits, mangos have proteins. Mango or its oil may cause an adverse reaction if you are allergic to any of the following:

• birch trees

• peach

• Cashews

• pear

• poison oak

• poison ivy

• apple

• poison sumac

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