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All About Fenugreek Oil
27 Oct, 2023

What is Fenugreek Oil? Know Benefits, How to Make and More

Fenugreek oil is made from the herb-derived fenugreek seed. There are 10 to 20 seeds per herb. These fenugreek seeds have a potent scent and an unpleasant flavor. Oil is extracted from the seeds through processing. Due to the antioxidant, antitumor genic, antidiabetic, and numerous other components included in it, this extracted oil becomes very beneficial.

Varieties of Fenugreek oil:

Fenugreek comes in 3 varieties that are used in cooking:

Seeds for fenugreek: Used to start cooking in warm oil.

Fenugreek powder: Used in conjunction with other spices when cooking.

Leaves of fenugreek: Last addition of dry herbs during cooking.

How to make Fenugreek Oil?

We AOS products private Limited offer 100% Pure and Natural Fenugreek Oil in India. And Steam distillation method is the only way to get 100% pure oil.

How to make it at your Home:

Fenugreek seeds should be ground into a powder.

1. Currently, put the fenugreek powder in a glass jar.

2. Olive oil that has been cold-pressed can be heated using the double boiler method. Make sure not to directly heat the oil. That's because if you cook it directly, it will lose some of its vital nutrients. Now pour this hot oil over the powder and thoroughly combine it with a spoon, spatula, or anything else of your choosing. Allow it to steep for the following 48 hours.

3. Strain the oil after 48 hours, then keep it in a cold, dark place for a month. Your oil is now prepared for usage.

How to Check Purity of Fenugreek Oil?

There are many ways to assess the quality of Fenugreek oil. To assess the quality of the Fenugreek oil, give it a smell. If the aroma is pleasing to the nose, then the Fenugreek oil production is of good quality.

A different approach entails dabbing a tiny amount of oil onto some paper. After 30 minutes, if it hasn't been absorbed, the oil is likely of poor quality.

To determine the oil's purity, place a drop or two of Fenugreek oil on a white surface. If it turns dark after a few seconds, the oil is of poor quality.

“GC/MS method vs. Manufacturer”, we would like to share that GC/ MS is one of the best methods to obtain 100% Pure Fenugreek Oil, but unfortunately, it is very expensive, but don’t worry, you can buy this incredible oil direct from Manufacturers. We recommend, first go through about “AOS Products Private Limited” about the Purity of the Essential Oils.

Benefits of Fenugreek Oil and How to Use?

1. Aids Digestion: Fenugreek oil helps to aid digestion by acting as an anti-inflammatory. For this reason, fenugreek is frequently included in meal programs for the treatment of ulcerative colitis.

2. Increases libido and physical endurance: According to nutrition, resistance-trained men's upper- and lower-body strength and body composition are significantly affected by fenugreek extracts when compared to a placebo.

3. Might Reduce Diabetes: The ability of a combination of omega-3 fatty acids and fenugreek essential oil to increase glucose and starch tolerance in diabetic rats was discovered by disease.

4. Increases breast milk production: The most popular herbal galactagogic for increasing a woman's supply of breast milk is fenugreek. According to studies, the herb can either encourage perspiration production, which improves milk supply, or it can encourage the breast to produce more milk.

5. Reduces Pimples and Enhances Skin Health: Fenugreek oil functions as an antioxidant, aiding in the treatment of acne and even promoting wound healing when applied topically to the skin. Additionally, the oil has potent anti-inflammatory elements that help calm the skin, reduce breakouts, or ease skin irritations.

Fenugreek oil's anti-inflammatory properties help treat infections and skin disorders like eczema, wounds, and dandruff.

6. Functions as an expectorant: Fenugreek is well recognized for acting as an expectorant, which releases phlegm to reduce congestion. In reality, the herb has a cooling anti-inflammatory action and is referred to as a "phlegm mover" in Traditional Chinese Medicine since it releases trapped energy.

When you have a cough or a stuffy nose due to a respiratory infection, diffusing the oil can aid.

How to Use?

You can inhale, apply topically, and consume fenugreek oil. It pairs well with sandalwood, chamomile, and other calming essential oils and has a warm, woodsy aroma.

1. Skin Comforter: Fenugreek essential oil can be used topically to the skin to reduce inflammation. Being able to relax the skin and reduce discomfort and swelling makes it a great addition to a massage oil.

2. Digestive Support: Fenugreek can be added in one to two drops to tea, water, or dishes to aid with digestive problems like constipation.

3. Improve Exercise Results: To improve workout performance and endurance, add one to two drops of fenugreek to tea or warm water, or dilute five drops at home.

4. Creating breast milk: After receiving the go-ahead from your doctor, add one to two drops of fenugreek oil to tea or warm water to encourage the production of breast milk.

5. Hair Shine and Health: To lessen dandruff and increase moisture, mix one to two drops of fenugreek oil with a half teaspoon of coconut oil and massage the mixture into your scalp. After about five minutes, rinse it.

6. Flavoring Agent: When other warming herbs, like turmeric or ginger, are called for in a recipe, a few drops of fenugreek can be used.

Reduce Stress: Five drops of fenugreek oil can be diffused at home or taken directly from the container.

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Fenugreek Oil uses in Pharma, Food and Cosmetic Industries:

Since, Fenugreek Oil is such a miracle oil that can easily use by 3 emerging industries of Food, Pharma, and cosmetics. And We AOS products Manufacture fenugreek seed oil as per Food, Pharma, and Cosmetic. So, lets us understand how this oil impacts these 3 industries.

In Pharma Industry:

It is well known that fenugreek has hypoglycemic, Hypocholesterolemic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Fenugreek has been recognized as a valuable medicinal plant with the potential to treat ailments as well as a source for preparing pharmaceutical industry raw materials, such as in steroidal hormones.

In Cosmetics Industry:

It tones, firms, and tones the skin. Stretch mark prevention and the treatment of dry, irritated, chapped skin benefit from the oil. Additionally, this oil has the benefit of combating skin pollutants like redness or eczema because of its rejuvenating capabilities.

In Food industry:

Alternatively, whole fenugreek seeds can be lightly crushed and used to produce a nourishing herbal tea. Regular fenugreek tea use enhances digestive health, controls blood sugar, and safeguards cardiovascular health.

Side Effects of Fenugreek Oil:

  • Fenugreek oil provides a number of unique advantages, but it should also be used with caution. The direct use of raw oil has the potential to cause a variety of allergies, rashes, and other problems.
  • Lack of understanding of usage instructions may be a concern for diabetic patients. Consequently, it makes a doctor's appointment necessary.
  • The usage of fenugreek oil may induce breathing issues and may have undesirable consequences when combined with certain medications. Therefore, before using the oil, those who are on prescription medications should talk to their doctor. Additionally, ladies who are expecting should not consume fenugreek oil.

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