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Jojoba Oil Benefits
17 Jul, 2024

What is Jojoba Oil?


Jojoba Plant is native to the southwestern United States. Nut of the Jojoba plant can be made into an oil. It’s botanical name is Simondsia chinensis. Other names are Goat Nut, Deer Nut, Pignut, Wild Hazel, Quinine Nut, Coffee Berry, Gray Box Bush, etc. Contains up to 92% iodine.


‘Cold press method’ uses in extraction of Jojoba Oil. When we are going to write about the production of this amazing oil then Cold pressed in one of the unique method in AOS Company.


➠ Pure Jojoba Oil has neither color nor smell.

➠ GC (Gas Chromatography) and paper test methods uses to identify purity of the oil.

Uses of Jojoba Oil in Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic Industries:


1. Antibacterial- Contains antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. Some lab tests found that it doesn’t kill all bacterial and fungal species.

2. Antioxidant- Contains a natural form of vitamin E, this vitamin works with our skin as an antioxidant. Jojoba Oil may help the body to produce collagen.

3. Speed Up Wound Healing- It is a promising ingredient in stimulating wound healing. Encourages our skin cells to bound together after they have been separated by a scratch or cut.

4. Anti-inflammatory- This AOS Oil helps in relieving dryness and other symptoms. Can be combine with peppermint oil for pain relief and eucalyptus oil for stress relief.


1. Its antioxidant property can help our skin to fight oxidative stress caused by everyday pollution and other toxins.

2. It is an extremely effective and natural moisturizer, used on the face and neck as a part of skincare. Works for all types of skin is great for nourishing, hydrating or soothing skin.

3. It has certain anti-inflammatory properties which can help prevent and get rid of acne and even acne marks.

4. Applying this Oil daily before going to sleep at night is the best way to make sure that sebum production remains regulated.

5. Jojoba wax is made from AOS Jojoba Oil. Its melting point is 65c. It can be useful in cream, balm, and lotion, etc. Please consider that Jojoba wax is softer than beeswax so add more to a balm than beeswax.

6. The antioxidant property of Jojoba may help to reduce signs of aging or skin wrinkles.

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Side Effects of Jojoba Oil:

➥ Never apply on the mouth or consume because it contains a chemical called ‘erucic acid’ that has dangerous effects on hearts and other organs.

➥ People who have a history of skin reactions may be affected by some allergy symptoms including itching, hives, and swelling on the face, tongue, and other body parts.

➥ If someone experiences rashes, redness, and skin irritations in this case stop the use of the oil immediately.

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