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How to Check Purity of Black Seed Oil
17 Jul, 2024

What is Black Seed Oil? How to Identify the Purity


Black Seed is an annual flowering plant of Ranunculaceae family. It’s similar name are black cumin, fennel flower, black onion seed,kalonji Roman coriander and black caraway. It’s botanical name is Nigella Sativa. Native to Eastern Europe and Western Asia.The Black Seed oil is extracted from the seed of the tree. The oil contains 99.99% fatty acids- 50.2% linoleic acid, 19.9% oleic acid and 10.3% margaric acid. This oil has been used in Pharma, Cosmetic and Food industries.


The “Cold Press” method used in the extraction of the black seed oil in AOS.


➥ “GC-MS” (Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry) is the exact but costly method to identify all the components of the oil.

➥ ‘Paper Test’ method can be used.

➥ The oil should not be greasy.

➥ The oil must contain “zero artificial substances”.

Uses of Black Seed Oil in Pharma, Food and Cosmetic Industries:


1. Cholesterol reducer- The oil contains healthy fatty acids which helps to reduce bad cholesterol and reduce the chances of heart failure.

2. Blood pressure reducer- Taking the extract of black seed oil may help to reduce blood pressure.

3. Anti-fungal - This is a strong anti-fungal and its anti-fungal activities helps to prevent from Candida Albicans which is yeast that can overgrow in our body.

4. Anti-inflammatory - The anti-inflammatory effects of the oil may help to decrease asthma symptoms. It helps to reduce inflammation in the airways.

5. Improves digestive system - The oil helps to improve upset stomach associated to gas, bloating, pain and ulcers.

6. Anticancer - The AOS Oil has anticancer properties. It may help to fight against skin cancer and help to prevent from tissue damage while radiation is applied to damage cancer cell.


1. Skin problems - Applying a cream which contains 10% Black Seed oil may help to reduce symptoms of acne. This oil has been used in various oils and moisturizers to increase skin moisture and hydration. It helps to grow new collagen fibers to create new and healthy skin.

2. Hair problems - This oil has been used in hair to increase smoothness and shine.


The oil can be used in salads dressing and flavoring. It can be used in spice curry dishes, pickles and bread. Due to it’s strong flavor it can be mixed in honey or lemon juice before drizzled or spray.

Side Effects of Black Seed Oil:


➢ The AOS Black Seed Oil can be helpful to liver functions but taking in too much quantity it will be harmful to our liver and kidney.

➢ In the case of taking in large quantities, it may cause stomach upset, heartburn, vomiting, and nausea.

➢ Avoid it the people with sensitive skin and children, it may cause allergic rashes or skin burn.

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