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Essential Oil for Alopecia
17 Jul, 2024

What is the Best Essential Oil for Alopecia?

Many people suffer from alopecia, it the disorder that occur when the immune system mistakenly attacks on your hair follicles, as the result there is loss of hairs on scalp and other parts of body. There is particular no cure for it, we can use the natural products to cure them like essential oils. They stimulate the hair growth and prevents the hair loss.

Rosemary oil:

Rosemary oil prevents the premature graying of hair and dandruff. Rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory property, it improves the blood circulation on scalp and promotes the nerve growth. It also promotes the growth of follicles and lock the moisturizer in hairs. It is effective like minoxidil.

Pumpkin Seed Oil:

Pumpkin seed oil prevents the hair loss and promotes the hair growth, it works by reducing inflammation or by decreasing the constriction of blood vessel in the scalp. It also blocks the DHT, it is the hormone responsible for hair loss. We can also apply the pumpkin seed oil to the scalp.

Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint oil fragrance is amazing, but its also great for helping your hair grow. It increases the blood circulation; it produces the tingly feeling when apply on scalp. Peppermint oil increase the number of hair follicles, and overall hair growth.

Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil reduce the inflammation and stimulate the cell growth. Lavender oil increases the hair follicles and no of hair follicles. It also increases the hair follicle dept hand thickened hair shaft. Dilute the oil with carrier oil dilute a few drops of lavender oil with carrier oil massage the oil on your scalp.

Clary Sage Oil:

Clary sage oil is similar to lavender oil. it contains the linalyl acetate that increasing hair growth. The clary sage oil makes the hairs stronger and hair grow faster.

Cedarwood Oil:

Cedarwood Oil is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic in nature, it also has anti-fungal property. It treats the scalp infection and treat the eczema and dandruff. It prevents the hair loss and grow the hair naturally.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil reduce the hair loss. It is antiseptic in nature which is used to treat the scalp problems like dandruff, it makes the scalp healthy and induce the hair growth. It also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which stimulate the hair growth and increases the number of hair follicles. Tea tree oil is too much concentrated so we need to dilute it before use.

Thyme Oil:

Thyme oil is used to treat the alopecia. Thyme oil is believed to be beneficial for hair growth because its a powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial property which helps to reduce the bacterial growth on scalp and increases the number of hairs follicles. Dilute the oil with carrier oil before use.

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