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All About Wintergreen Oil
17 Jul, 2024

What is Wintergreen Oil? know About an Active Ingredient

This AOS oil is made by the steam process of warm water that is soaked by wintergreen leaves. These leaves are used for headache, pain, gastric problems, and fever these leaves and oil are used to make useful medicines. There is no scientific name of this Wintergreen Oil.

The only ingredient in wintergreen oil is Methyl Salicylate and it is direct related to aspirin. The product is anti-analgesic properties and is a pain reliever.

Wintergreen oil has also been used in the medicine for the following conditions:

• cold

• headache

• skin infection

• tooth problem

• bacterial infections

• Stomach infection

• Throat Infection

How to Make Wintergreen Oil?

Oil is Extracted from leaves by the method of water distillation or steam distillation in AOS Company.

How to Check the Purity of Wintergreen Oil?:

Gas Chromatography (GC Test) is one of the popular methods to identify the purity of the AOS Wintergreen Oil. But we can test by paper method, the oil must contain Zero artificial substances and Oil should not be greasy.

Wintergreen Oil uses in Pharma, Food and Cosmetic Industries:

Uses in Pharma Industries:

Wintergreen uses to help in treating fatigue along with lung, sinus and respiratory illnesses. This oil is energizing and immune-enhancing, since it lowers infection, irritation and reduces pain.

This Oil absorbed in the skin very quickly. It also promotes blood circulation, which is comforting to puffy skin.

This oil leaves are also beneficial for treating digestion problems, including stomach pain, cramps, gastric problem.

Uses in Cosmetic Industries:

Used cosmetically on the skin, This Oil is also used in moisturizers and haircare products, and also in complexion's clarity

· ACNE CARE : Wintergreen oil contains a huge amount of antimicrobial that cleanse the skin and microbes, and other microorganisms Chargeable for acne. Mix a 2 drop of wintergreen oil in your regular moisturizer and apply over acne before sleep. This process will help to remove acne and the mark of acne within few days.

· SKIN FIRMING: Mix a 2-3 drop of AOS wintergreen oil with your regular cream or moisturizer and gently apply. This oil help your skins and muscle tissues for adding firmness to your skin. With daily applying like this looks your skin more younger.

· ANTI-DANDRUFF: Mix 2-3 drops of this oil with your regular shampoo, to moisturize the root. Repeating it 2 to 3 times in a week will refresh your scalp.

· HAIR GROWTH: Add 3-4 drops with your regular hair oil Leave overnight and wash your hair in the morning regular apply makes your hair longer and stronger.

· SOOTHING BATH: Add 2-3 Wintergreen oil to the warm water. Refreshed the skin cells and tissues and remove antibacterial germs from the skin.

4 Incredible Benefits of Wintergreen Oil. Know Side Effects of the Oil:

Benefits of AOS Wintergreen Oil:

1. This oil Eliminates Pain to induce relaxation

2. It Relieves congestion from chest breathing.

3. This oil treats insects bit by poisonous insects.

4. Boost Digestion system for trouble-free excretion.

Side Effects:

• This AOS Pure Oil is possibly very unsafe taken directly to the mouth. It is safe when the taken small amount of food is usually leaves taken as a medicine.

• Taking wintergreen oil can cause stomach pain, headache, Diarrhea, and vomiting. Oil taken by mouth by 6ml can be deadly.

• It cannot be used on broken skin it may cause irritation or allergy.

Know 16 Surprising Benefits of Wintergreen Oil

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