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All About Oregano Oil
17 Jul, 2024

What is Oregano Oil? Know Benefits, How to Make and More

The oregano plant's leaves are used to make oregano oil, also known as oil of oregano, which has been used in folk medicine as an illness preventative for generations. Despite its infamously bitter, terrible taste, many people still use oregano oil to combat infections and the common cold today.

How to Make Oregano Oil?

We AOS Products Private Limited is one of the Reputed Manufacturer of highest quality Oregano oil in India. And we always apply the steam distillation process to obtain 100% Pure Oil. To know our manufacturing process, Membership and Certifications, visit our Corporate Video.

Oregano Oil How to make at Your Home?

1.To begin with, thoroughly wash the oregano with water to remove any dirt or debris.

2.Using a towel, completely dry it. Water will encourage the growth of bacteria in the olive oil, therefore you don't want any moisture on it at all. I'll frequently pat it dry with a cloth before setting it outside to finish drying by air.

3.The leaves should then be separated from the stems and added to the jar. To assist the stems macerate in the olive oil, if you're using them, chop them into pieces using scissors.

4.Crush and bruise the leaves using a muddler. This facilitates the release of the oregano's volatile oils, which are the source of its medicinal properties.

5.Pour the olive oil over the oregano leaves once you're certain that they've been thoroughly mixed.

6.Stir it up to distribute the oil evenly and to ensure that the oregano is buried beneath the oil's surface.

7.Allow the oregano to infuse the olive oil for two weeks while occasionally stirring it in a cold, dark location. The oil will change color to a dark green-brown and develop a potent oregano aroma.

8.After two weeks have gone, filter the oil into a jar using cheesecloth or another type of sieve.

Can you take oregano oil daily?

Oregano oil can be consumed in amounts of up to 600 mg per day without causing any harm, according to research.

How to Check Purity of Oregano Oil? know Benefits and How to Use:

➥ The use of infrared spectroscopy (IR) and gas chromatography (GC). These tools are used by our chemists to check the identification, purity, and security of our oregano oil.

➥ Paper test is an easy way to get purity test of the oil. In this scenario, just take small drops of the oil, apply to a fresh paper, wait for a little time, and if it spread around the paper, may be the oil mixed with others.

➥ Pure oregano oil never will be greasy or oily.

➥ You can buy oregano oil direct from the Manufacturers. They can give you the guaranteed of the Purity. We recommend “AOS products private Limited”.

Benefits of Oregano Oil and How to use?

For Hairs: Hair growth can be accelerated with the aid of oregano oil. This is as a result of its antioxidant characteristics, which support the stimulation of blood flow in the scalp and promote hair growth. The next remarkable advantage of oregano oil for hair is that it may heal dandruff, a widespread issue.

For Skin: Oregano oil's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities can help reduce blemishes, which can help acne seem better. When applied topically, oregano oil might be a secure and efficient substitute for oral antibiotics, which have a variety of potential adverse effects when used to treat acne.

How to Use?

There are numerous capsule and tablet options for oregano oil extract. It can be purchased online or at the majority of health food stores.

Because oregano supplements can range in potency, it's vital to read the usage instructions on each packet before using the product.

Another option is oregano essential oil, which can be administered topically after being diluted with a carrier oil. Be aware that essential oils should not be consumed.

There is no recommended dosage for oregano essential oil. However, it's frequently applied topically while being diluted with around 1 teaspoon (5 mL) of olive oil for every drop of oregano essential oil.

Remember that oregano essential oil should not be taken internally, like other essential oils.

Consult your doctor before incorporating oregano oil extract into your routine if you're interested in doing so but you're also on prescription medicine.

Additionally, oregano oil extract is typically not advised for women who are nursing or pregnant.

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Oregano Oil Uses in Pharma, Food and Cosmetic Industries:

We AOS products is India’s biggest Manufacturer of Oregano oil and we supply 100% Pure and Natural to Food, Cosmetic and Pharma Industries.

In Pharma industry:

Oregano essential oils are well known for their antibacterial qualities, in addition to being antiviral and antifungal. However, current research has shown that these substances are also powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-antioxidant, and antioxidant agents.

In Food Industry:

Oregano oil and resin are used by the food sector in cosmetics, food, and beverage products. Alcoholic drinks, baked goods, meats and meat products, sauces and relishes, dairy products, processed vegetables, snack foods, and fats and oils all contain oregano oil.

In Cosmetics Industry:

In the cosmetics business, oregano essential oil has been investigated for numerous uses, including massage oils and anti-aging treatments.

Highly relaxing essential oils have been proven to relieve skin issues like rosacea and hyperpigmentation. Your skin will be at its healthiest thanks to the carvacrol ingredient in oregano oil, which addresses these minor issues and hastens the healing process.

Side Effects of Oregano Oil:

When administered orally: When used in meals, oregano leaf and oil are probably safe to consume. If oregano is safe to use in quantities greater than those present in food, it cannot be determined without more accurate information. One of the minor adverse effects is upset stomach.

When skin-contact is made: Oregano oil should not be applied to the skin, according to the available trustworthy information. When used in amounts more than 1%, it may irritate.

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