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Tuberose Absolute Benefits
18 Nov, 2023

What is Tuberose Absolute? Know Common Uses and Benefits

The most popular uses for tuberose absolute, an exquisite and strongly scented flower oil, are perfumery and natural fragrance. It combines nicely with other floral absolutes and essential oils, as well as citrus, spicy, resinous, and earthy essential oils. It also combines beautifully with absolutes and essential oils from different plant families.

Common Benefits and Uses of Tuberose Absolute:

Benefits of Tuberose Absolute:

Anger, despair, anxiety, and stress can all be relieved by tuberose. Particularly in nations with tropical temperatures, Tuberose is a well-liked deodorant due to its rich, potent, enduring floral scent. Because the alluring flower aroma fosters feelings of love, it is frequently used as an aphrodisiac.

Uses of Tuberose Absolute:

Successful commercial cultivation of tuberose for its diverse purposes can be accomplished in pots, borders, and beds. In addition to being used to create gajras, bouquets, buttonholes, and floral decorations, tuberose blooms are also utilized to extract essential oils.

What does Tuberose Absolute Smell Like?

Tuberose contains notes of sweet honey and seductive white blossoms and is reminiscent of the floral aroma of lilies and the richness of crème brulee.

What is the yield of tuberose absolute?

4–5 lakh spikes are produced annually for use as cut flowers from a single hectare of tuberose planting. For single types, 14–15 tons of loose flowers per hectare may be collected. Additionally, at the end of the third year, 20 to 25 tons of bulbs and bullets may be gathered.

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What is the Chemical Composition of Tuberose Absolute?

Methyl benzoate, methyl anthranilate, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, butyric acid, phenyl acetic acid, methyl salicylate, eugenol, geraniol, enroll both free and as acetates, Farnesol, methyl vanillin, and peperone are among the compounds found in tuberose oil.

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