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All About Palmarosa Oil
16 Nov, 2023

What is Palmarosa Oil?, Know Benefits, How to Make and More

The Cymbopogon martini plant, a species of evergreen tall grass frequently found in East Asia, yields the essential oil known as palmarosa. The primary elements that are distilled into an essential oil are:

• geranyl acetate

• geraniol

Palmarosa oil has been utilized both medically and cosmetically throughout history. Palmarosa is utilized in Ayurveda medicine to help relieve skin issues and nerve pain claims a 2014 study by Trusted Source.

Geraniol's pleasant aroma makes it a common ingredient in cosmetic goods even today, according to research from 2010. It has also been discovered to be:

• antimicrobial

• an antioxidant

• anti-inflammatory

• beneficial for the nervous system

• an insect repellent

How to Make Palmarosa Oil:

AOS Products Private Limited is one of the Trustworthy Manufacturer of Palmarosa Oil in India. We use one of the universal methods, do you know what? Same method that we apply for all types of essential oils “Steam Distillation” to obtain 100% Pure Oil.

Steam distillation is used to extract the oil from palmarosa grass. Essential oil and distillation water are the two components of the steam distillate. The secondary essential oil is recovered from the steam distillate using solvent extraction.

Palmarosa oil How to Identify the Purity?

➥ The precise but pricey "GC" (Gas Chromatography) method to determine the oil's purity. It is possible to use the "Paper Test" approach. There are "Zero artificial substances" in the pure oil. Pure oil shouldn't have a greasy feel.

➥ We AOS Products Private Limited always recommend that buy 100% Pure and Natural Oils only direct from Registered Manufacturers.

Benefits of Palmarosa Oil, and How to Use?

In addition to having antioxidant capabilities, it was shown that a wide range of bio-active compounds present in palmarosa essential oil may also have anti-insect, anti-cancer, and anti-protozoal action.

How to Use?

With regard to cosmetics

If your skin is not prone to breakouts, palmarosa oil can combat free radicals and give you a radiant, clear, and young appearance.

Doing your research is crucial, as Maruthappu emphasizes.

Look for products with good evaluations from customers with a range of skin types that are safe for sensitive skin.

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Palmarosa Oil Uses in Pharma, Food and Cosmetic Industries:

We AOS Products Private Limited manufacture 100% Pure and Natural Palmarosa oil and supply to worldwide most emerging industries like Pharma, Food, and Cosmetic Industries.

In Pharma Industry:

Geraniol, a substance used in both aromatherapy and pharmaceutical products, is abundant in palmarosa oil. The scent of palmarosa oil relieves tension and is useful in skincare. It also has healing and antifungal effects.

In Food Industry:

The food and beverage, as well as the soap, perfume, oil, and cosmetics sectors, all use this oil extensively as a flavoring agent.

In Cosmetic Industry:

The scent of palmarosa oil relieves tension and is useful in skincare. It also has healing and antifungal effects. All of these qualities make palmarosa oil suitable for use in a range of products, including bioenergy, cosmetics, fragrances, and medicines.

Side Effects Palmarosa Oil:

When used properly, palmarosa oil is usually regarded as being safe. However, when applied topically, some people may develop a burning sensation or rash. Before applying it to your skin, make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil.

Know About Palmarosa Oil Manufacturer AOS Products

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