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What is Spearmint Oil
18 May, 2024

Know About Spearmint Oil, Its Health Benefits & Uses

Are you searching for one of the best essential oil specially Used in aromatherapy? Spearmint Essential Oil is very good for such a purpose, because it reduces nasal congestion caused by the unnecessary buildup of phlegm and mucus in the nose? This perfect oil also promotes clean breath and is used commonly in baking and cooking to create a dressing for meat, drinks, desserts, and salad, and much more. The AOS Spearmint Oil is differentiated by the highest participation of dihydrocarvone and carvone.

Incorporate to Diet:

Spearmint makes a great addition to diet, mainly in the form of spearmint tea. This tea can be enjoyed either in hot form or in cold form too. Buy spearmint in tea bags or as loose-leaf tea, or grow at your own for brewing to make the tea at home.

➠ Take boiled water say two cups (473 ml).

➠ After removing from heat, add a handful of torn spearmint leaves to the water.

➠ Cover and steep for five minutes.

➠ Strain and drink.

5 Ways to use Spearmint Essential Oil:

➢ Fights Bacterial Infections:

Spearmint essential oil is a well-defined flavoring agent in toothpaste, breath mints and chewing gums. Due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it may help to kill the bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath. Its antibacterial activity against several types of harmful bacteria, together with such bacteria that produces through food products, for example as Listeria and coli.

➢ May Lower Blood Sugar:

You can use AOS Spearmint as a good tea with your healthy life. It naturally helps to lower blood sugar in such users, if they are suffering with diabetes. However, more research/study is needed.

➢ May Help Reduce Stress:

Spearmint tea is commonly used to relieve stress. Though research is limited, this mint contains compounds that have been shown to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

➢ May Improve Arthritis Pain:

Spearmint essential oil helps to relieve in joint pain caused by arthritis. Moreover, tea made from this herb may help reduce stiffness & disability caused by arthritis.

➢ May Help Lower Blood Pressure:

Spearmint may help lowering high blood pressure. It has shown that it works similarly to common blood pressure medications but still more study needs to be done.

Side Effects of Spearmint Oil:

➥ When applied to the skin: Generally, AOS Spearmint is SAFE when applied to the skin. However, it might cause an allergic reaction with sensitive skin. But this is very rare. ➥ When taken by mouth: Spearmint is safe when taken by mouth as a medicine for the short term. But still, Some people may have an allergic reaction.

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