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What is menthol
22 Dec, 2023

What is Menthol Used for? History, Properties and Essential Benefits

AOS Menthol is a compound made synthetically or obtained from the oils of field mint, peppermint, or other mints. Its a waxy and crystalline substance, which look like clear or white in color, which is solid at the temperature of room and melts slightly if the room temperature going above to the normal point.

The main configuration of menthol occurring in nature is (?)- menthol, which is assigned the (5R, 1R and 2S) form. Natural form of Menthol has counterirritant qualities and local anesthetic, and it's widely wont to relieve minor throat irritation. AOS Menthol also acts as a weak KOR also known as kappa opioid receptor agonist.

Some time out as in 2017, this natural menthol had been the 194rth most ordinarily prescribed medication products in the famous country of United state, with quite two million prescriptions.

Extraction Process:

Natural Crystals of menthol are largely obtained from the Botanic product Mentha Arvensis, also called as Wild Mint, Field Mint, Corn Mint and Japanese Mint from the process of crystalline or freezing. It has strong therapeutic properties which is safely useful in several Medicinal and Cosmetic products and applications.

Properties Of menthol:

Basically Properties of Menthol categorized in 2 steps:

1. Medicinal Properties

2. Physicochemical Properties

Medicinal Properties:

Menthol Crystal is popularly known due to its therapeutic properties. Accordingly to its uses, medicinal properties of menthol have grouped in 2 conditions:

COSMETIC PROPERTIES: Cooling, Soothing, Circulation-Stimulating, Antibacterial, Invigorating AND Plumping properties are the main terms.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Decongestant, Analgesic, Antispasmodic, Antiemetic, Antitussive, Anesthetic, Antibacterial, Expectorant, Antimicrobial, Cooling and Circulation-Stimulating are the main terms of such properties.

Physico-chemical Properties:

Chemical Structure: C10H20O

Molar mass: 157.249 gmol?1

Appearance: Colorless or White crystalline in the form of solid

Density: 0.879 gcm?3, solid (racemic or (?)-isomer)

Melting point: 36.5 to 39 C (97100 F; 309311 K)

Boiling point: 213.6 C (417.4 F; 477.9 K)

Solubility in water: Menthol is slightly soluble in water, (?)-isomer

Essential Benefits of Menthol:

1. It is used to treat Nausea

2. Apply it in migraine headache

3. It is used to reduce pain caused by endoscopy.

4. It is used to reduce spasm

5. It is used to reduce dental plaque and treat bad breath

6. It is used to relax muscles of GIT and relieve colon spasm.

7. Menthol Kill parasites and Bacteria

Brief History of the Production of Menthol from worldwide:

Natural menthol is obtained by freezing special flavored product known as natural oil of Peppermint. The resultant crystals of menthol are then separated by the method of filtration.

Total world production of menthol in 1997 was 12,500 tonnes of which 2,600 tonnes was synthetic. In 2007, the annual production of synthetic menthol was approximately double. Prices are within the $1220/kg range with peaks within the $ 42/kg region but have reached as high as $105/kg. In 1986, it had been estimated that China produced most of the world's supply of synthetic menthol, although now a day it appears that India has pushed China into second place.

Industrial Benefits and Uses of Natural Menthol Crystals:

Menthol is volatile, flammable, and may cause skin irritation if not diluted appropriately. For this reason, it's important to make sure that eyes and hands are protected and that the merchandise is handled in a well-ventilated area far away from direct sources of warmth. Some of them industrial uses of menthol Crystals are given below:

 1- Menthol Crystals promotes easier breathing by temporarily relieving nasal congestion.

 2- It is used in aromatherapy products in the form of a cooling sensation.

 3- Useful in cosmetic products: Menthol Crystals contribute a cooling sensation to the skin, calm irritation, itching, and burning, eliminate blackheads and whiteheads, diminish the looks of dark spots and age spots, and promote clearer skin. Such products making with the help of Menthol also moisturize and cleanse the beauty of skin, after applying such products to your skin, leaving for some time and you will look smoother, radiant, and firmer.

 4- Useful in hair care products: Menthol Crystals regulate boring, remove dandruff buildup, eliminate or reduce the amount of lice and nits, repair damage, remove pollutants and excess sebum, alleviate inflammation and irritation, stimulate circulation, purify the strands, promote the hairs natural luster, and encourage the expansion of longer, stronger, and more lush hair.

 5- Useful in numerous medicinal products: Their cooling sensation makes AOS Menthol Crystals ideal for addressing aches, pain, cramps, sprains, and irritation. they assist in relaxing muscles while easing tension headaches, nausea, dizziness, and that they are often used as decongestant agents for his or her ability to market the sensation of airways opening up.

How to identify the purity of AOS Menthol? and Where to Buy Menthol Crystals:

Based on the profile of the chemical, the percentage of major components of Menthol is around 91%. The total recovery of menthol flakes depends upon the share of L- Menthol content from Mint oil. The purity of menthol fakes is extremely almost 100% because it's processed at coldness around -450 C.

Generally, the Melting point is one of the first criteria considered when it is desired to check the purity and identify a Natural Menthol.

Unfortunately, the melting point of synthetic Menthol is not too well defined. E.g. BP or British Pharmacopeia for Menthol has set the limit for the acceptable melting point of Menthol as 32.4degree C to 34.2 degrees C.

NATURAL menthol is obtained from the plant of Mentha arvensis while synthetic menthol is the resultant of a chemical process over a small amount of Mentha Oil.

However GC-MS testing also a best Identification method that can identify the purity of menthol. But this process is cast covering

Where to Buy Natural Menthol?

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