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Hazelnut Oil Benefits
17 Nov, 2023

9 Surprising Uses and Benefits of Hazelnut Oil

We AOS Products private Limited is one of the Trustworthy Manufacturer of Pure and 100% Natural Hazelnut Oil in India. We obtain this oil by cold pressed process from the shell-free nuts of the hazelnut shrub. It has numerous surprising benefits. Some of then we would like to share here:

It's safe for delicate skin: Usually, hazelnut oil is excellent for those with sensitive skin. Although it is an astringent, it is not like the alcohol-based astringents you typically find in the skin care department (more on that below).

Astringents with alcohol in them can be abrasive and irritate or dry out your skin. A natural astringent that doesn't typically irritate skin is hazelnut oil.

It hydrates: Hazelnut oil's high concentration of fatty acids and vitamin E can help the skin's top layer retain more moisture. Vitamin E improves skin elasticity and maintains skin moisture levels to keep skin appearing smooth and firm.

It gives off moisture: According to a reputable source, hazelnut oil's fatty acids and vitamin E make it an effective moisturizer. These elements help create a protective natural oil barrier that keeps moisture in and prevents drying out of your skin.

It is astringent in nature: Hazelnut oil made by AOS Products contains tannins, which are strong antioxidants. Because of its tannin concentration, hazelnut oil is an astringent Trusted Source that can help dry oily skin, clean and reduce pores, and eliminate bacteria.

Collagen production is aided by it: Collagen is a vital protein that holds your tendons, organs, and bones together. It gives your skin structure and flexibility. Collagen production declines as we age, but vitamin E can help. It encourages the production of collagen by decreasing an enzyme that breaks down collagen.

It reduces the prominence of scars: Applying products high in vitamin E to your skin may help reduce the visibility of scars, though the research is mixed.

According to one study, children with surgical scars who applied vitamin E to their skin three times per day didn't develop keloids, or extra scar tissue, on top of their wounds.

It provides solar damage defense: Free radicals produced by sunlight damage your cells and cause ageing indications to appear on your skin. The antioxidant properties of vitamin E help your body fight free radicals. Trustworthy source and protecting cell membranes from solar degradation, a safe source.

Skin darkening is a symptom of hyperpigmentation. Both small and big portions of your skin could be impacted.

Hyperpigmentation has a number of causes, including


Sun fading

Taking certain birth

Control pills when pregnant

Cutaneous injuries

According to scientific studies, hazelnut oil contains significant amounts of vitamin E.

A Reliable Source claims that vitamin E can reduce hyperpigmentation. More study is required to truly evaluate its efficacy.

How to Use?

You can apply hazelnut oil to your skin either on its own or in conjunction with other oils. You can also use it as a base to create your own creams or lotions.

Conduct a skin patch test cautiously before using the product entirely. How to execute:

1. Apply a small amount of oil, around the size of a cent, to the inside of your forearm.

2. After covering the area with a bandage, wait for 24 hours.

3. If you experience irritation, wash your forearm well and cease applying the oil. If the itching is unbearable, contact your doctor.

If you don't feel any swelling or agitation within 24 hours, hazelnut oil should be safe to use elsewhere.

When the oil has survived your patch test satisfactorily, you can use it as follows:

1. Cover your face or other exposed areas with a hot, damp washcloth for about 20 seconds.

2. Remove the washcloth and apply about a half teaspoon of hazelnut oil to your skin. You can use more or less if you'd like.

3. Allow the oil to settle for 30 seconds.

4. Carefully remove it with a heated, wet washcloth.

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What is Hazelnut Oil Good for?, Know Other Essential Informations Benefits for Skin etc

It is often used in both salad dressings and cookery. It is also used for hair care, as a carrier oil for aromatherapy and massage oils. Hazelnut oil can, however, also be applied topically.

Is hazelnut oil good for health?

Hazelnut oil made by AOS Products is a healthy alternative to conventional cooking oils since it contains exceptionally powerful beneficial fats. A high intake of omega 9 and a balanced consumption of omega 3 and 6 both lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to scientific research.

Is Hazelnut Oil Healthier than Olive Oil?

Hazelnut oil is a healthy alternative to conventional cooking oils since it contains exceptionally powerful beneficial fats. A high intake of omega 9 and a balanced consumption of omega 3 and 6 both lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to scientific research.

Are hazelnuts good for skin?

It delays the ageing process and delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hazelnuts contain vitamin E, which nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It hydrates the skin, making it supple, luminous, and smooth. It protects our skin from the damaging effects of the strong UV rays by acting as a natural sunscreen.

Where to Buy Hazelnut Oil in India?

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