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Oils for Knee and Joint Pain
24 Apr, 2024

Essential Oils for Sore Muscles - Benefits for Knee & Joint Pain

Essential oil is obtained from the plants, fruits, herbs and flowers. The oil is obtained by steam distillation process. Essential oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants properties. There are many essential oil which is helpful in treating joint pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis. Some essential oils have numbing effects they help in reducing the swelling near joint area. There are many essential oil for joint pain like eucalyptus oil, ginger oil, curcumin oil, orange oil and lavender oil.

Ginger oil:

Ginger oil has anti-inflammatory property, apply ginger oil on affected area or knee. Ginger oil contains zingibain, it is an anti-inflammatory compound that reduce the swelling, reduce the pain and inflammation. It also helps to reduce the stiffness in muscles and joint. It helps to improve mobility.

Lavender oil:

Lavender oil is also helpful in treating joint pain, it helps to reduce the swelling and pain. The beta-caryophyllene in the oil work as a natural inflammatory. It produces the calming and relaxing environment. It also helps to reduce the anxiety and stress.

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Marjoram oil:

Marjoram oil is used to treat the muscle pain, sprains, stiffness and swelling. It has analgesic, antibacterial and antispasmodic properties. Marjoram oil helps to relax the muscle and helps in better sleep.Terpinen-4-ol is the main component of marjoram oil, which helps to reduce the swelling and inflammation. It is also antioxidant in nature, which prevents the free radical responsible for cell damage.

Orange Oil:

Orange oil is used to treat the joint pain, it helps in reducing the swelling of the joint, the pad containing orange oil placed on the collars of people admitted to the emergency room with broken bones. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to reduce the swelling and pain related to joints.

Peppermint oil:

Peppermint oil is used for joint pain from last many years, it is used to treat the inflammation and pain. It contains the main component menthol which has cooling effect, that helps to ease discomfort, tension and pain. Using peppermint oil topically reduce the joint pain and inflammation very fast.

Thyme oil:

Thyme oil is used in traditional medicine; it is use as an antidote for venom and poison. It has analgesic and antiseptic properties. The main component of thyme oil is thymol, it gives relief from inflammation and pain. It is also used to treat dysmenorrhea.

Frankincense oil:

It works as a great remedy for stress. Frankincense oil use to treat pain and discomfort associated with pain. If you want to apply topically than dilute it with carrier oil first. You can also diffuse the oil for promoting sleep.

Lemongrass oil:

It is also used in ayurvedic medicine, it is used to treat the arthritis symptoms such as joint pain and inflammation. It has astringent property, it means when the oil is absorbed by the body, it can draw extra fluid from the tissue thus helps to reduce the inflammation

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Wintergreen oil:

Wintergreen oil is used to treat the back pain; it is historically used in north America for treating rheumatism. The main component of wintergreen leaves contains methyl salicylate, it is the compound having similar properties as aspirin, due to this property wintergreen oil is effective in treating joint pain.

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